You can call us on 09 372 5005 and leave a message with our nurses for a repeat prescriptions.

We do request 48 hours’ notice, otherwise an increased charge for a same day script will be incurred.

Please be very clear when leaving your message, and leave the following information:

  • Clearly state your full name
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number
  • Medications required

If you want your prescription to be faxed to a pharmacy:

  • Name of pharmacy
  • Address of pharmacy
  • Fax number

Repeat prescriptions will only be available for medications previously prescribed by one of our doctors. Usually you will be able to get a repeat for every second prescription. Please note, some medications you will not be able to get a repeat prescription for without seeing your doctor first.

If you leave a message for a prescription, the nurse will only contact you if there is an issue with the script. You won`t usually be notified when the script is ready to collect. It will be available to collect 48 hours after your request.

Prescription request forms: